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Inthrow 00:44
Grimy effects, here to resurrect what died and never left Only rep the Real HipHop like this was Das Efx V The King, I'm a call it how I see it every time, better rhymes? I've been contemplating deep in heavy mind Some things will make you crazy But you gotta keep pursuing Underground's what we're perusing Like the Metal Face Human The Witch Doctor brewing up another pot to rock to Biting but you aint gots to, see ya names aint Nasferatu The raw sorta dosage gota ya moving in your orbital I tried to leave the music but the love keeps calling you, back Matter fact the raps, really therapeutic The first sucker gunning, be the last one to shoot it! Prove it! If you got that Dirtty Rotten from the Garden Peep, I sweep blocks like streets without parking Bring the burner, put the fire to the arson Everybody's been miseducated like Sonny Carson YO i’m paying homage every time rip a mic cord It’s not for Ego, but the vision that my mind saw Always been Heru type, Eagle span, condor Ya black and white painting steady messing with the contours Receive encores, for love when I”m traveling Black Boy magic’s all the medicine I dabble in Still Pan-African, like cooking up the Jollof Ya ladies want the taste of the flavor, tell them to hold off I’m Yondu, wielding a pen, using Mohawks You still deal with Pigs, this is 20 years of NO PORK! All I hear is flow thoughts, rolling off the tongue again This life is full of chaos, I’m tired of the struggling Put it in easier words, for all the laymen I brought a whole FLEET of EGUN soon as I came in I understand, you gotta satisfy the cravings I’m half man, Half amazing, but PURE MAYHEM! Ayo, this Venomous2000, With ma man Chillow Ma man Grazzhoppa This how we rock it universally ya'll Belgium to NJ Steady rocking Hiphopping No stopping Common' Lets get it now
It’s like we living in the end of times but it’s just the beginning The fall of Babylon when the ashes clear I’m here for what I was sent in Out of love I’m a give the people my full blown ascension A pandemic will have us remembering how to cherish connection Share my soul with the world don’t ever worry bout perfection We’re all divine beings gotta believe it with no question It’s what you do with that power the greatest of Allah’s inventions Reflections of each other effect each other pure extensions Of those that came before us descendants honor & mention Out of love undiluted without the pretension Put everything I have in every word that builds every sentence Write it down with a little patience understanding acceptance Whatever so called they say we can’t do I’m the exception Transparent don’t gotta create illusions and deceptions Queen Nefertiti and sometimes King NeF I transform and reinvent me every heartbreak and breath They say you gotta do it like this I object Queen Pharaoh the mighty beautiful rap architect Command respect just by the look in my eyes enemies come correct Out of love I give em’ a chance to sit and reflect In retrospect bout what they tried to pull off mad cuz I’m boss Smiling in my face behind my back laugh and scoff The big boys club old men acting tough when they soft Pass the batton you losing it in fact you already lost Out of love I give you props for what you did for the cause no pedestal Don’t got no beef though I’m 100% vegetal No I didn’t take your advice or do what you said to do Cats writing rhymes but that shit is illegible Like mumble rappers and bubblegum boys can’t hear that they terrible Out of love it’s brave to get on stage even though it’s forgettable You made a fool of ya self that’s what made it regrettable Like when I write a verse and they wish they didn’t ask me to get flexible Out of love I get it and see why that could make me detestable I always had my own mind most motherfuckaz suggestible Claiming to be human but I notice your tentacles No hook for this no need to be conventional This my craft and I’ll do it my way you so one dimensional Like people who can’t comprehend why I’m not heterosexual Why the fuck you leave ya house you ain’t even presentable Tried to take me out you failed talking bout lets be ethical I don’t fight fair my wordplay is fierce and poetical I be getting messages asking if I’m single and sensual Be careful what you say and write I could make you a spectacle Now I’m laughing take absolutely nothing and make it stretchable How we do where I’m from the slums I’m the death of you Can’t get close if you try I’m highly electrical Alkaline don’t rock with hybrids and chemicals I’m creating a path and showing you exactly what legends do
Outhrow 00:46


What do you get when two esteemed Belgian producers/DJ's collaborate with their favorite New York / New Jersey MC's? You get a bullseye. The long awaited release of the international album 'Moving Targets' by Chillowproductions & DJ Grazzhoppa is out now.


released July 13, 2023

All vocals recorded by Chillowproductions except ‘Planet Gant’ by Jake Polumbo
Produced and mixed by Chillowproductions & Dj Grazzhoppa at Tablesharkstudio & Catharsis-productions studio
All cuts by Dj Grazzhoppa
Mastered by Chillowproductions at Catharsis-productions studio
Artwork by Tom De Geeter (crate records)

Distributed by N.E.W.S distribution Belgium store orders: steven.blondeel@newsnv.be
Label: Catharsis-productions


EUROPE/USA www.hhv.de/shop/en/item/chillowproductions-and-dj-grazzhoppa-moving-targets-1022416





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Catharsis-Productions Kortrijk, Belgium

Catharsis-productions is a Belgian musiclabel and production house with its very own music- and photostudio.

We offer full support to a few artists with our label, from bookings to management, full project support for our artists. From studiotime to the physical and digital release of the project.
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